HUANANZHI X99 F8 X99 Motherboard with Intel XEON E5 2680 v4 with 4*8G DDR4 Faqs

  • Excellent, I advise you to buy
  • Everything is fine, you can take

  • Product new except processor
  • Everything should be new except the CPU (the motherboard for sure). In fact, only the CPU if it were new would cost around $ 1,600 ...

  • With customs. I have 1374.35 rubles in customs to the Perm Territory.

  • I took it with the processor. Kit totally

  • I have this plate, running with the Xeon 2680 v4 and 128 gb ram, liquid cooling, and a white Battlecruiser cabinet.

  • 8 slot DDR4 server or desktop. But not servers AND desktops, or one type or the other!

  • How many PIN codes per CPU? I can tell you that this is lga2011-3. The minimum recommended power supply is 500 W, but I preferred to install 750 W.