Huananzhi X99-TF-Q – detailed motherboard review

Huananzhi X99-TF-Q is a cheaper version of the well-known X99-TF motherboard, let’s figure out what has changed and what parts were sacrificed to reduce the price.


Some customer reviews for Huananzhi X99-TF-Q

1:Bought the X99TF back in January 2020. That order did not arrive after almost 3 months, so I canceled it for a full refund and reordered another for $100 in late March. The second order arrived within 3 weeks. Then, around June 2020, the first one mysteriously arrived at my door. In the end, for $100 I received two X99TF's. Coupled with two E5-2678V3 which were each purchased on eBay for $85, I have two excellent platforms. With 2x 32GB of cheap REEC DDR3 1600 and Miyconst's turbo-unlock...voila!

2:I’m super keen on this board. Will certainly go 64GB ddr3 at this price and a 12-core Xeon will be great. I also want to run 7 instances of LD player in the background(nox emu) and multitask at the same time so this will be good