HUANANZHI X99 F8 X99 Motherboard with Intel XEON E5 2680 V4 Faqs

  • I took half 24 GB. 8 GBX 4, took 2600 works on 2400 mzh.
  • This combo does not come with ram, it must be purchased separately

  • I didn\'t run the staff.

  • C612 is the set of chips for the x99 platform, it is one of the best chipsets for x99, but the set of chips can vary according to the batch of base plates

  • the board comes with turbo boost blocked, you must unlock it at your own risk, it can reach 3.1ghz on all cores, check the miyconst channel on you tube to unlock the turbo boost

  • No, maximum 2400 mhz ddr4, but I use 3200 mhz memories, but it only recognizes 2400 mhz