HUANANZHI A400/A500 2/4 Copper Heat Pipe LED CPU Cooler Faqs

  • Yes, I came to Krasnodar region in a couple of weeks. Contact the seller-he is communicating normally.

  • In my case there are 4 pins

  • It\'s made for her. And do not need to use the adapter

  • 4. shining blue color.

  • The rouble course is dancing lombad. Here is the answer

  • 160-height of the cooler itself. Packing 175mm somewhere ..

  • TDP e5-2678 v3-120 W. This cooler (A500, 4 tubes) is enough. In fact, this is a better quality snowman mt4.

  • Depending on what set you buy. I bought only the cooler myself, and so were the options of the sets: 1. Processor and cooler 2. video card and cooler.